How to increase hash speed

how to increase hash how to increase hash

Following those steps elevated my hashrate from a pitiful 280 KH to about 440 KH on my GTX 1080 Founders Edition

For this workout I will awareness more the Nvidia 1080 Founders Edition card, even though the similar idea applies to all of the Nvidia playing cards launched in the closing one to 2 years.

Basically, whether or not you are pool or solo mining, the choices first actual issue you need to do is add –research-gap=2 to your Run-Miner-Pool-Nvidia.bat record (or the choices solo mining document in case you are solo). In my example, here is how I actually have it written out: ccminer-x64 –research-gap=2 –algo=scrypt:10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u GV2zcbT6FSRTHeFntSca3pttdSsv8NdpSE -concentrate –max-temp=eighty five pause

This first step expanded my hashrate from 280 KH to approximately 400 KH right away. If your card has more VRAM inclusive of the 1080 Ti, you could try setting it to –lookup-gap=3 or everywhere in between like 2.five. I actually have visible some 1080 Ti playing cards cross as excessive as 600 KH. If you don’t have a good deal VRAM, try putting it to at least one.eight. Play round with it and see what you get. You will want to restart your miner whenever you are making the alternate.

The next aspect could be to overclock your GPU’s reminiscence clock, although the increase will no longer be as dramatic as the research-hole alternate. I became still capable of get an extra 10% out of my card this way.

Download the MSI Afterburner at this hyperlink

Once you install it, decrease your Power Limit to approximately 80%, and your memory clock everywhere between +2 hundred-500 MhZ. The higher your card, the higher you can pass, just don’t get too volatile. Increase it in small increments. I actually have visible a few humans do it as high as +a thousand. Personally I wouldn't do it myself though.

Be sure to modify your fanspeed to a higher number (among 60-70%, I commonly run mine around 64%).

See image for the settings I used with my card

I ran round 73C with my card on these settings. I understand it suggests sixty one inside the photograph, I had just started the choices miner within the screenshot.

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Proof this worked for me: image evidence

One beneficial tip, nvidia cards down clock whilst jogging cuda(miners). If you et to +a thousand, but simplest in miners, search for the precise model of nvidia profile inspector that has the “cuda pressure p0 country” choice.

This solved my 1080 from downcolocking the memory by means of 500mhz, a huge amount. Your mileage may vary, and this is still in the safe sector, but a touch technical

If you feel like this has made a profound effect, provide me a purpose to warm up my oven. GVQ1sXh9xDefzFHVmFGPTi6NVHjhEQfa7S

I also determined Nvidia profile inspector to be optimal to afterburner for overclocking, I select the choices interface. Bumped up from a hundred and ten to a hundred thirty with overclocking.

for some reason whenever I do this my kh velocity surely goes down instead of up its a GTX 750 Ti and receives a hundred kh atm any ideas?

That gen doesn't help this trick

why are you best getting 440 KH on a 1080? I'm getting close to 500 on a 1070, normally sits on 450.

1080's GDDRX is awful at mining at Etherium based coins like Garlicoin. In fact, its reminiscence is a lot worse for mining, but makes up for it with more CUDA cores. A Samsung GDDR5 1070 card like yours is probably much a great deal faster. A Micron primarily based 1070 can best get 440-450.

I was getting 650 the previous day on my 980TI, but today I'm handiest getting 470… what gives

Hy, i make the choices appearance up hole 2 upload in the batch report, i’ve 5 playing cards ring 1080 ti, and when begin mining on gpu zero,2,4 remains 250 h/s and gpu 1 and 3 is 450 h/s……. so what i’m making incorrect? how o can do all gpu works at 450 or more?

after burner settings is tdp 90%, 50 and 0.

the usage of this: ccminer-x64 –algo=scrypt:10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u GS5KK9HmTJ6NdAru5qKD1yXyVtb5nUH896 –lookup-gap=2 -concentrate –max-temp=eighty