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free nadex trading

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Trade Data

DATETIMEPOSITIONNETWATCH 03/25/2111:fifty four:08100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1792$1050REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/24/2111:33:46100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1816$1250REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/19/2110:fifty six:33100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1874$825REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/15/2110:42:41300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1936$3726REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/12/2109:23:44400 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1942$5941REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/10/2110:54:26100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1906$838REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/08/2111:03:09100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1870$825REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 03/05/2111:34:53100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1924$2375REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 02/sixteen/219:fifty seven:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2114-$3675REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 02/05/2111:57:03100 SHORT USD/JPY >105.fifty two$725Watch Replay > 02/01/2111:forty eight:40100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2090$1050REPLAY UNAVAILABLE 01/15/2109:forty four:09200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2142$2225Watch Replay > 01/15/2109:44:09200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2142$2225Watch Replay > 01/14/2109:34:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2142$1000Watch Replay > 01/14/2109:34:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.2142$1000Watch Replay > 08/12/2012:47:37100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1788$1708Watch Replay > 08/10/2009:37:19500 LONG EUR/USD >1.1758$6435Watch Replay > 08/07/2011:50:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1794$1010Watch Replay > 08/03/2013:23:34200 SHORT USD/JPY >106.18$3295Watch Replay > 07/30/2012:26:03100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and five.14$1038Watch Replay > 07/27/2010:30:59100 SHORT USD/JPY >one zero five.32$838Watch Replay > 07/24/2010:45:14200 SHORT USD/JPY >one zero five.96$1962Watch Replay > 07/23/2012:31:09100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1606$1100Replay Unavailable 07/22/2011:46:32100 LONG EUR/USD >1.570$1063Watch Replay > 07/17/2011:32:52100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1418$950Watch Replay > 07/14/2010:35:37200 SHORT USD/JPY >107.36$3101Watch Replay > 07/thirteen/2014:02:56100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1298-$8325Watch Replay > 07/10/2009:57:30100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.82$1350Watch Replay > 07/08/2010:37:26200 SHORT USD/JPY >107.fifty six$2775Watch Replay > 07/06/2009:39:14300 SHORT USD/JPY >107.58$4350Watch Replay > 07/02/2012:fifty one:28100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1238$1375Watch Replay > 06/29/2012:35:49100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1252$1200Watch Replay > 06/24/2011:forty nine:33300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1282$4688Watch Replay > 06/23/2012:33:15100 LONG USD/JPY >106.38$1150Watch Replay > 06/17/2010:18:09100 SHORT USD/JPY >107.40$1200Watch Replay > 06/11/2012:36:19100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.80-$8273Watch Replay > 06/08/2009:48:42100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1298-$4506Watch Replay > 06/02/2011:53:56300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1184$5701Watch Replay > 06/01/2010:fifty five:06100 SHORT USD/JPY >107.68$1088Watch Replay > 05/26/2012:08:05200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0978$2550Watch Replay > 05/22/2011:48:33100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0906$1288Watch Replay > 05/21/2010:37:18200 LONG USD/JPY >107.64$3576Watch Replay > 05/19/2012:56:25100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0942$775Watch Replay > 05/15/2012:18:44100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0824$1063Watch Replay > 05/13/2012:forty six:39300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0838$4550Watch Replay > 05/12/2012:forty nine:09100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0862$1350Watch Replay > 05/06/2012:10:14100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.20$1125Watch Replay > 05/04/2012:47:15100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.90$1350Watch Replay > 04/28/2012:forty three:16300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0802$4250Watch Replay > 04/24/2009:19:28300 SHORT USD/JPY >107.66$2662Watch Replay > 04/21/2010:42:54100 LONG USD/JPY >107.44-$5806Watch Replay > 04/20/2010:forty six:40100 SHORT USD/JPY >107.86$825Watch Replay > 04/17/2012:10:37100 LONG USD/JPY >107.forty four$1125Watch Replay > 04/15/2011:47:23200 SHORT USD/JPY >107.fifty six$2475Watch Replay > 02/26/2010:50:19100 LONG USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.42-$4900Watch Replay > 02/25/2010:forty nine:14100 LONG EUR/USD >1.0908$1025Watch Replay > 02/19/2009:forty nine:46100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0802$750Watch Replay > 02/14/2009:47:52100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.eighty two$1650Watch Replay > 02/12/2010:04:41200 LONG USD/JPY >109.94$2925Watch Replay > 02/11/2011:38:35200 LONG EUR/USD >1.0908$3400Watch Replay > 02/10/2010:44:23200 SHORT USD/JPY >109.86$1450Watch Replay > 02/06/2009:34:55200 LONG USD/JPY >109.78$2525Watch Replay > 02/04/2009:35:36200 LONG USD/JPY >109.06$2125Watch Replay > 02/03/2009:39:45100 LONG USD/JPY >109.30$1400Watch Replay > 01/28/2009:32:58200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1010$3925Watch Replay > 01/22/2010:forty six:49200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1080-$8650Watch Replay > 01/21/2010:37:16100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1106$1450Watch Replay > 01/17/2010:10:10200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1106$4175Watch Replay > 01/sixteen/2009:43:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1158$1675Watch Replay > 01/14/2011:04:12100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1114$1400Watch Replay > 01/13/2010:forty seven:37200 LONG EUR/USD >1.1126$3500Watch Replay > 01/10/2011:33:0125 LONG EUR/USD >1.1106$650Watch Replay > 01/09/2009:fifty four:53200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1118$2825Watch Replay > 01/06/2010:forty nine:35200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1192$3925Watch Replay > 01/03/2010:40:18100 SHORT USD/JPY >108.18$1000Watch Replay > 12/20/1909:48:08100 LONG USD/JPY >109.30$1525Watch Replay > 12/17/1910:18:15100 LONG USD/JPY >109.52-$7675Watch Replay > 12/10/1910:fifty eight:03300 LONG USD/JPY >108.58$3850Watch Replay > 12/03/1912:18:53200 SHORT USD/JPY >108.sixty six$2525Watch Replay > 11/22/1912:fifty five:03100 LONG USD/JPY >108.60$1325Watch Replay > 10/29/1914:07:16100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1110-$6875Watch Replay > 10/25/1914:03:35200 LONG USD/JPY >108.70-$7250Watch Replay > 10/24/1914:10:10100 LONG USD/JPY >108.54$1707Watch Replay > 10/21/1909:fifty three:14200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1162$3525Watch Replay > 10/16/1909:forty one:55100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1034$1675Watch Replay > 10/14/1910:07:04200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0992-$5975Watch Replay > 10/10/1910:06:12300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0992$7175Watch Replay > 10/08/1913:50:22100 LONG USD/JPY >107.14$875Watch Replay > 10/04/1912:17:30100 SHORT USD/JPY >108.02$1800Watch Replay > 10/02/1910:45:42300 LONG EUR/USD >1.0940$7250Watch Replay > 09/30/1912:fifty six:37100 LONG USD/JPY >108.06$1361Watch Replay > 09/26/1911:15:33100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0946$1750Watch Replay > 09/23/1912:46:36100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.0992$2250Watch Replay > 09/19/1912:43:39100 SHORT USD/JPY >108.02$2075Watch Replay > 09/17/1911:fifty four:46200 SHORT USD/JPY >108.18$4225Watch Replay > 09/11/1913:31:42100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1002$1550Watch Replay > 09/06/1911:54:26200 LONG USD/JPY >106.74$3600Watch Replay > 09/05/1912:36:32100 SHORT USD/JPY >107.02$1825Watch Replay > 08/29/1912:20:55100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1062$1900Watch Replay > 08/28/1912:fifty two:31100 LONG USD/JPY >a hundred and five.50$1461Watch Replay > 08/27/1914:36:41100 SHORT USD/JPY >one zero five.eighty two$1925Watch Replay > 08/26/1911:52:40132 LONG USD/JPY >one hundred and five.50$2005Watch Replay > 08/22/1913:25:44100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.50$1850Watch Replay > 08/21/1909:forty eight:02100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.fifty four$1450Watch Replay > 08/19/1910:47:03100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.fifty eight$1650Watch Replay > 08/sixteen/1913:31:59100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.34$1550Watch Replay > 08/15/1912:02:22100 SHORT USD/JPY >106.18$1875Watch Replay > 08/14/1913:forty one:12200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1146$4425Watch Replay > 08/09/1913:fifty five:36200 LONG USD/JPY >a hundred and five.50$4050Watch Replay > 08/06/1913:31:49300 LONG USD/JPY >106.34$6250Watch Replay > 08/02/1912:33:16100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1146$1650Watch Replay > 07/30/1913:32:20100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1146$1825Watch Replay > 07/29/1910:26:50100 LONG USD/JPY >108.62$1650Watch Replay > 07/26/1911:48:16100 LONG USD/JPY >108.64$1475Watch Replay > 07/24/1913:45:20100 LONG USD/JPY >108.28$1350Replay Unavailable 07/23/1910:fifty five:26100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1160$2025Watch Replay > 07/22/1913:forty five:16100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1210$1425Watch Replay > 07/17/1911:forty eight:39100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1316$1550Watch Replay > 07/16/1910:35:15200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1222$4600Watch Replay > 07/15/1911:forty eight:01200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1262$1750Watch Replay > 07/12/1909:53:14200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1254$4000Watch Replay > 07/09/1910:fifty four:34100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1212$1550Watch Replay > 07/08/1909:48:48200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1226$4575Watch Replay > 07/02/1914:04:49200 LONG USD/JPY >107.82$3100Watch Replay > 07/01/1911:36:09100 LONG USD/JPY >108.28$1725Watch Replay > 06/27/1912:38:17100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.76$1600Watch Replay > 06/26/1914:49:42100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1376$2250Watch Replay > 06/thirteen/1911:06:47100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1278$1525Replay Unavailable 06/12/1911:27:07100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1316-$2825Replay Unavailable 06/eleven/1912:08:29100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1308$1400Watch Replay > 06/05/1911:fifty three:04100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1254$1275Watch Replay > 06/03/1910:26:34100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1198-$2350Watch Replay > 05/30/1913:02:06100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.seventy six$1450Watch Replay > 05/28/1915:10:15100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1168$1525Watch Replay > 05/24/1911:23:12100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1204-$7625Watch Replay > 05/22/1911:42:37100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.36$1525Watch Replay > 05/21/1912:39:30100 LONG USD/JPY >110.58$1825Watch Replay > 05/20/1914:31:17100 LONG USD/JPY >109.ninety four$1575Watch Replay > 05/17/1909:39:02100 LONG USD/JPY >109.58$1425Watch Replay > 05/15/1912:50:20100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.fifty six$1350Watch Replay > 05/14/1909:forty five:31100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1222$1600Watch Replay > 05/10/1912:01:06100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1250$1725Watch Replay > 05/09/1914:02:17100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.seventy eight$2000Watch Replay > 05/08/1914:18:03300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1194$3150Watch Replay > 05/07/1910:31:37100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1182$1575Watch Replay > 05/06/1914:eleven:21100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1210$1450Watch Replay > 05/03/1912:19:15100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1182$850Watch Replay > 04/30/1911:58:10100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1208-$8425Watch Replay > 04/25/1910:22:36100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.sixty two$1375Watch Replay > 04/24/1910:10:35200 SHORT USD/JPY >111.86$2300Watch Replay > 04/23/1913:31:17100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.84$979Watch Replay > 04/18/1912:thirteen:22100 LONG USD/JPY >111.88$675Watch Replay > 04/17/1910:23:54100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.88$1175Watch Replay > 04/sixteen/1912:37:42100 LONG USD/JPY >111.88$925Watch Replay > 04/15/1913:11:27100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.08$750Watch Replay > 04/12/1912:fifty four:50100 LONG USD/JPY >111.96$1300Watch Replay > 04/eleven/1912:02:27100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1268$1025Watch Replay > 04/09/1911:08:45200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1282$2550Watch Replay > 04/08/1912:23:26100 LONG USD/JPY >111.forty two$1075Watch Replay > 04/05/1913:55:35100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.82$975Watch Replay > 04/04/1912:20:21100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1210$1200Watch Replay > 04/03/1912:04:30100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1232$1450Watch Replay > 04/02/1911:31:57100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1194$1550Watch Replay > 03/28/1911:06:31100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1222$875Watch Replay > 03/26/1912:33:42100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1302$975Watch Replay > 03/22/1911:47:37300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1290$4275Watch Replay > 03/20/1911:37:32250 LONG USD/JPY >111.38$2625Watch Replay > 03/19/1913:fifty seven:33100 LONG USD/JPY >111.58$1875Watch Replay > 03/18/1911:sixteen:16100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1352$900Watch Replay > 03/15/1913:sixteen:43100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1326$1112Watch Replay > 03/14/1911:43:36350 LONG USD/JPY >111.fifty eight$5475Watch Replay > 03/thirteen/1914:36:32100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1302$1075Watch Replay > 03/12/1910:55:32300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1282$3475Watch Replay > 03/08/1909:21:24100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.ninety eight-$5550Replay Unavailable 03/07/1909:30:22100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.seventy eight$1250Watch Replay > 03/05/1913:19:44100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.98$850Watch Replay > 03/04/1910:23:26250 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1330$2788Watch Replay > 03/01/1912:15:22350 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1380$5500Watch Replay > 02/28/1910:12:38100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1386-$5675Replay Unavailable 02/25/1910:19:20450 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1362$5000Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/22/1909:36:53200 SHORT USD/JPY >110.seventy six$2600Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/20/1916:eleven:20100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1282$800Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/15/1911:57:14350 LONG USD/JPY >one hundred ten.forty eight$6050Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/14/1912:10:18100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.seventy eight$950Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/13/1911:35:45100 LONG USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.seventy eight$1400Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/eleven/1912:34:43100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1282$925Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/08/1911:37:25100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.74-$4975Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/07/1911:49:17200 LONG EUR/USD >1.1348$3150Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/06/1910:27:12100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.seventy eight-$5650Replay Unavailable 02/05/1911:07:42100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1416$1275Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/04/1912:fifty five:38100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.00$1125Replay Temporarily Unavailable 02/01/1911:33:11100 LONG USD/JPY >109.forty$1275Replay Unavailable 01/31/1911:30:21100 LONG USD/JPY >108.78$1650Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/30/1911:32:29100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.66$950Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/29/1910:20:22200 SHORT USD/JPY >109.forty six$2700Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/28/1910:04:24300 SHORT USD/JPY >108.50$5375Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/25/1911:sixteen:50100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1394$1825Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/24/1911:28:36100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1356$1175Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/23/1910:36:21100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.eighty two$2200Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/22/1910:55:21100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1352$1850Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/18/1911:34:25300 SHORT EUR/USD >1.364$9600Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/17/1912:03:42100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1376$1150Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/16/1910:04:16100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1390$903Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/14/1911:59:24100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1468$1450Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/11/1911:52:57100 SHORT USD/JPY >108.50$1175Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/10/1914:25:54100 LONG USD/JPY >108.34$1075Replay Unavailable 01/08/1909:26:38100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1440$1600Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/04/1910:thirteen:56100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1362-$5075Replay Temporarily Unavailable 01/02/1910:24:34100 LONG USD/JPY >109.26$1950Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/20/1809:31:55200 SHORT USD/JPY >111.sixty six$1900Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/18/1812:03:18100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1372$1550Replay Unavailable 12/17/1810:30:47100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.02$1700Replay Unavailable 12/14/1811:08:02100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.50$1550Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/13/1812:10:26200 LONG EUR/USD >1.1354$3500Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/thirteen/1810:forty:58100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1342-$3095Replay Unavailable 12/12/1811:25:19100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.32$1050Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/11/1810:02:26100 LONG USD/JPY >112.fifty four$1200Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/10/1812:01:55200 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1378$4725Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/7/181:01:07100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.eighty$1300Replay Temporarily Unavailable 12/6/1813:25:22100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.fifty four-$2875Replay Unavailable 12/4/1811:31:40100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1360$1025Replay Temporarily Unavailable 11/30/1813:01:00100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1322$1125Replay Temporarily Unavailable 11/27/1812:24:29100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1286-$4075Replay Unavailable 11/26/1810:41:04100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1354$875Replay Unavailable eleven/15/1810:17:12100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1306$2450Replay Unavailable 11/14/1821:22:24100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.54$1925Replay Unavailable 11/thirteen/1820:20:20100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1312$975Replay Unavailable eleven/thirteen/1820:17:19100 LONG USD/JPY >113.86$1400Replay Unavailable eleven/08/1812:15:40100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1420$800Replay Unavailable eleven/08/1811:forty four:54100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1422$1825Replay Unavailable eleven/07/1812:sixteen:12100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1468$1550Replay Unavailable 11/07/1812:16:06100 LONG USD/JPY >113.28$1800Replay Unavailable 11/06/1810:27:11100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1422$1850Replay Unavailable eleven/2/1809:sixteen:54250 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1424$3300Replay Unavailable eleven/1/1812:35:35100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.76$1775Replay Unavailable 10/31/1813:20:32100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1314$1475Replay Unavailable 10/31/1811:28:34100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.24$1325Replay Unavailable 10/31/1809:05:56100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1330$900Replay Unavailable 10/31/1809:05:45100 LONG USD/JPY >113.16$1500Replay Unavailable 10/30/1815:21:44100 USD/JPY >112.ninety two$2525Replay Unavailable 10/29/1814:32:26100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1390$2125Replay Unavailable 10/29/1814:32:21100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.38$2675Replay Unavailable 10/29/1811:07:43200 LONG EUR/USD >1.1380$7187Replay Unavailable 10/29/1809:57:45100 LONG USD/JPY >112.42$1725Replay Unavailable 10/29/1809:fifty three:48100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1382-$7150Replay Unavailable 10/26/1809:32:08100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.06$1250Replay Unavailable 10/25/1810:23:43100 SHORT AUD/USD >.7082$1900Replay Unavailable 10/24/1815:25:50100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.36$1525Replay Unavailable 10/24/1810:32:25250 SHORT USD/JPY >112.fifty eight$3638Replay Unavailable 10/23/1812:08:13100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1478$1525Replay Unavailable 10/23/1811:fifty five:42100 SHORT USD/CHF >.9949$2230Replay Unavailable 10/23/1809:00:10100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.22$2375Replay Unavailable 10/22/1811:05:25100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1474$2200Replay Unavailable 10/18/1809:58:16250 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1498$5150Replay Unavailable 10/18/1809:04:08100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1506$1850Replay Unavailable 10/12/1812:31:25100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.06$800Replay Unavailable 10/eleven/1814:28:11100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.18$925Replay Unavailable 10/11/1814:28:04100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1582$1050Replay Unavailable 10/eleven/1812:forty five:46100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1572$1375Replay Unavailable 10/eleven/1811:forty two:49500 SHORT USD/JPY >112.30$6088Replay Unavailable 10/eleven/1811:19:15100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.22-$4125Replay Unavailable 10/10/1811:45:47100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1528$5600Replay Unavailable 10/10/1810:31:08100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1522$3375Replay Unavailable 10/09/1812:31:37100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1478$1850Replay Unavailable 10/05/1811:28:20100 SHORT AUD/USD >.7066$1650Replay Unavailable 10/05/1811:28:08100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1516$875Replay Unavailable 10/05/1809:28:28100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.88$1875Replay Unavailable 10/04/1812:37:08100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1508$1400Replay Unavailable 10/04/1810:03:08100 SHORT USD/JPY >114.14$1775Replay Unavailable 10/03/1811:fifty four:47150 SHORT AUD/USD >.7138$2050Replay Unavailable 10/02/1810:17:15100 SHORT USD/JPY >113.78$1500Watch Replay > 09/28/1810:21:36100 LONG USD/JPY >113.forty six$1700Watch Replay > 09/27/1809:37:02100 LONG USD/JPY >113.00$2050Watch Replay > 09/26/1809:30:47100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1734$2600Watch Replay > 09/thirteen/1813:02:21100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.92 a hundred LONG EUR/USD >1.1672$3800Watch Replay > 09/thirteen/1811:24:19100 LONG USD/JPY >111.82$1425Watch Replay > 09/10/1811:23:48100 LONG USD/JPY >111.08$900Watch Replay > 09/06/1811:20:06100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.ninety six$850Watch Replay > 08/27/1812:32:24100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.20$1025Watch Replay > 08/24/1811:17:14100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.28$1125Watch Replay > 08/23/1811:forty four:21100 LONG USD/JPY >111.12$1225Watch Replay > 08/22/1810:16:26100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1606$1050Watch Replay > 08/21/1810:17:15100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.34$925Watch Replay > 08/20/1811:17:46100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.fifty four$825Watch Replay > 08/14/1811:17:46100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.ninety-$4150Watch Replay > 08/13/1811:30:22100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1420$1025Watch Replay > 08/10/1811:44:07100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1420$1275Watch Replay > 08/09/1812:42:53100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1566$1050Watch Replay > 08/08/1821:07:27100 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.88$1650Watch Replay > 08/07/1811:36:08100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1598$975Watch Replay > 08/06/1811:39:58200 SHORT USD/JPY >111.44$3525Watch Replay > 08/03/1809:35:forty three one hundred SHORT USD/JPY >111.forty two$1450Watch Replay > 08/02/1821:35:15100 LONG USD/JPY >111.68$1300Watch Replay > 08/02/1809:27:14100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.44$1175Watch Replay > 07/30/1810:35:46100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.02$1125Watch Replay > 07/27/1810:14:02100 SHORT USD/JPY >111.06-$2500Watch Replay > 07/26/1811:21:29100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1672 $950Watch Replay > 07/18/1812:36:32100 SHORT USD/JPY >112.86 $925Watch Replay > 07/11/1812:20:06100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1730 $950Watch Replay > 07/02/1820:39:28100 LONG USD/JPY >110.eighty two $300Watch Replay > 07/02/1811:36:03100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.80$1450Watch Replay > 06/29/1812:33:52100 SHORT USD/JPY >110.82$1025Watch Replay > 06/28/1822:07:57 one hundred USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.fifty four-$2600Watch Replay > 06/28/1811:34:22100 LONG USD/JPY >one hundred ten.26$675Watch Replay > 06/27/1821:28:14200 LONG USD/JPY >one hundred ten.02$1575Watch Replay > 06/27/1811:06:35100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1608$675Watch Replay > 06/26/1811:39:19100 LONG USD/JPY >109.84$825Watch Replay > 06/25/1811:27:16100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1680$950Watch Replay > 06/25/1821:22:38100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1714$1175Watch Replay > 06/22/1811:30:31100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1640$1250Watch Replay > 06/21/1821:forty:51100 LONG USD/JPY >109.96$875Watch Replay > 06/21/1811:40:35100 LONG USD/JPY >109.96$875Watch Replay > 06/20/1821:17:4250 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1578$638Watch Replay > 06/20/1821:17:1350 LONG USD/JPY >110.32$588Watch Replay > 06/20/1811:forty seven:4350LONG USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.08$450Watch Replay > 06/19/1821:01:36100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1584$1475Watch Replay > 06/19/1820:fifty nine:23100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.12$1100Watch Replay > 06/18/1812:25:27100 SHORT USD/JPY >110.50$1700Watch Replay > 06/18/1821:sixteen:14300 LONG EUR/USD >1.1628$5512Watch Replay > 06/18/1821:16:22300 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.16$3975Watch Replay > 06/15/1811:31:09200 SHORT USD/JPY >one hundred ten.sixty two$1825Watch Replay > 06/14/1811:37:59100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1644$850Watch Replay > 06/14/1821:38:02100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1572$1225Watch Replay > 06/13/1821:24:32100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1800$1100Watch Replay > 06/thirteen/1811:24:46100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.50$1025Watch Replay > 06/thirteen/1811:09:20100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.50$1150Watch Replay > 06/thirteen/1811:25:14100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1762$1275Watch Replay > 06/13/1811:08:59100 LONG EUR/USD >1.1762$1100Watch Replay > 06/12/1821:10:02100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1752$1425Watch Replay > 06/12/1812:00:14100 SHORT USD/JPY >110.30$950Watch Replay > 06/08/1812:27:2550 LONG USD/JPY >109.forty two$479Watch Replay > 06/07/1821:29:0550 SHORT AUD/USD >0.7628$450Watch Replay > 06/07/1813:00:02100 SHORT USD/JPY >109.ninety eight$1125Watch Replay > 06/07/1812:forty four:42100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1818$1050Watch Replay > 06/07/1811:47:15100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.02$517Watch Replay > 06/07/1811:36:35100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1832$0Watch Replay > 06/06/1821:21:18100 SHORT USD/JPY >a hundred and ten.18$1225Watch Replay > 06/06/1812:19:31100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1786$1000Watch Replay > 06/05/1821:36:1550 LONG USD/JPY >109.84$900Watch Replay > 06/05/1811:35:5850 LONG EUR/USD >1.1670$387Watch Replay > 06/04/1811:13:30100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1704$1200Watch Replay > 06/04/1822:01:50100 SHORT EUR/USD >1.1702$900Watch Replay > 06/01/1811:forty six:30500 SHORT USD/JPY >109.fifty two$4850Watch Replay >

free nadex trading

Quick Tutorial on How it Works


June 2018 – March 2021 Live Session + Live Trade Signal consequences:


Trading indicators will be brought stay, in real-time as they occur – with the majority of change signals occuring at some point of the following timeframes:

Please be aware, there are no signals generated Friday evenings as markets are closed; nor on Sunday evenings.

All the choices information are provided within the slider in the segment above.

Any other questions – contact us whenever!

Fast. Make sure you’re geared up to behave on the signal as soon because it arrives in your tool. Typically you may need to go into the exchange within a minute or of receiving the textual content alert that allows you to take full gain of the position.

These are intraday buying and selling alerts traded on Nadex Binary Options that expire at the choices pinnacle of the hour – for example, a trade taken eleven:20am will be a position taken on a Forex pair (EUR/USD, etc) that expires at 12:00pm – trades remaining anywhere from five – 55 minutes.

Simple. Pick a subscription plan and let’s get rolling!

Get Started With Us

Processing … Your Name I take delivery of the choices Terms of ServiceCoupon Code Pay with CardStripe Payments calls for Javascript to be supported via the browser a good way to operate.

$99 for the choices first three months of provider, and billed automatically $99 according to month thereafter.

Processing … Your Name I receive the choices Terms of ServiceCoupon Code Pay with CardStripe Payments calls for Javascript to be supported with the aid of the choices browser in an effort to perform.

You can be billed routinely $599 per 12 months.

Processing … Your Name I be given the Terms of ServiceCoupon Code Pay with CardStripe Payments requires Javascript to be supported by means of the choices browser so that it will operate.

$forty nine for the first month of carrier, and billed mechanically $ninety nine in step with month thereafter.

2017 – Present Primary Markets Traded

The Live Sessions on Crowdcast were discontinued as of 10/29/18 because of loss of attendance and feedback from our Beta Test User Group.

However, the Live Session Replays will remain to be had for viewing through Crowdcast.

Questions From Our Users

Please use this shape to inquire approximately subscription pricing problems, questions about the Live Signal Alert provider, or technical questions you may have.